Jibe Spurs Hairy Bikers’ Diet Plan

By on July 25, 2012

PA-8517251-206x300Vanity proved to be a big incentive for the Hairy Bikers to eat more healthily and step up their exercise after top designer Paul Smith told them he didn’t make clothes for “fat blokes”.

The Hairy Bikers, Dave Myers and Si King, turned Hairy Dieters to shed the pounds.

The pair vowed to slim so they could get into Paul Smith suits after their encounter with the designer in a hotel bar, their slimming exploits documented in their latest TV venture Hairy Dieters: How to Love Food and Lose Weight.

Although the pair both take medication to combat high blood pressure and cholesterol, their weight loss plan was also driven by a determination to be able to wear the British designer’s clothes.

Speaking to the Radio Times Myers said: “I said, ‘I love your clothes Paul. Why don’t you do them in bigger sizes?’ He said, ‘I don’t do clothes for fat blokes’. Except he didn’t say ‘blokes’.

I said, ‘I’ve got your cologne and your cufflinks’. He said, ‘Well, you’ll be fine with my socks and ties then mate’.

“So when Si and I decided to diet that was my target – get into a Paul Smith suit.”

The celebrity pair’s balanced diet and exercise programme has resulted in them shedding the pounds and losing the inches. Their new series starts at 8pm on Thursday 2 August on BBC2.

About Dee Williams

Dee Williams is a personal trainer working from Nottinghamshire, England. She has several years experience in working with men and women of all fitness levels and helping them to improve their diet and lifestyle.