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NRGFUEL - OMG Breakfast Cereal
NRG Fuel

NRGFUEL O.M.G! Breakfast is a blend of fine oat powder, high quality protein and various powerful nutrients that is designed to assist you in your weight loss and exercise goals.

The finest wholegrain oats are milled down to a fine powder which mixes easily and is ideal to use in your favourite drink or shakes. With the addition of protein and nutrients, OMG Breakfast is more of a satisfying meal than a drink.

NRGFUEL OMG Breakfast is the perfect fuel to start your day and will keep you energised whilst also keeping your hunger at bay for hours.

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  • Optimal nutrition to start the day
  • Great taste and easy to mix
  • High quality protein
  • Kick-starts your metabolism
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NRGFuel Girl Power
NRG Fuel

Girl Power, the delicious, low fat, meal replacement shake from NRGFUEL is specifically formulated for women and contains essential nutrients to speed up your metabolism, burn calories and burn excess body fat.

Best Selling NRGFuel Girl Power available at
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  • A high quality, convenient and easy to mix meal replacement formula.

  • Provides 25g of high quality protein and a host of fat burning nutrients per serving.

  • Available in 2 delicious flavours.

Usual Price $39.65 Our Price $24.95
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